About the project

About the project

With the Corona shutdown in March 2020, Danish schools were thrown into online teaching. Although it has been challenging for both teachers and students, the situation has also encouraged creativity and innovation, where Danish teachers have sought new ways to engage students in meaningful, creative learning activities with digital technologies. Approaches we have investigated in the previous project Distance Learning through Play. 


The overall aim is to enable, empower and engage teachers to experiment with creative and playful approaches to teaching with digital technologies, creating creative, meaningful, and child-centred education, leading to increasingly joyful, motivated, and engaged students.  This grant extends the Covid response project by exploring whether and how adopting a capacity-building approach based on a modular design and local adaptions leads to greater adoption of LtP attitudes and practices for Danish teachers and school leaders.  


Digital Learning through Play is a project which intends to develop further on these learnings and, together with Danish primary schools, experiment with creative and playful approaches to teaching with digital technologies, targeting more motivated and engaged students. 

The project has a whole system approach and wants to develop and test module-based capacity-building resources for local adaptation and remediation to support local change processes in Danish schools.  The project aims to provide teachers, supervisors, and leaders from the 9 participating schools with a shared professional language, knowledge, and skills to collaborate and co-develop playful teaching with digital technology in collaboration with CFU consultants.  


The project aims to build a knowledge base and a community around new playful approaches to teaching with digital technology. The community of practice will build on the existing Distance Learning through Play community of practice and serve as an inspiration- and peer to peer teacher professional development platform for teachers, school leaders and school supervisors. 


The project period for the participating schools is June 2022 – May 2023. 

Follow the project on this webpage and on Facebook.com/DLtPiSkolen 


You can also contact the project managers: 

Jette Aabo Frydendahl at jfry@kp.dk 

 Peter Søgaard at peso@via.dk 


The project is supported by the LEGO Foundation. 


About the LEGO Foundation  
The LEGO Foundation shares the mission of the LEGO Group: to inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow. The Foundation is dedicated to building a future in which learning through play empowers children to become creative, engaged, lifelong learners. Its work is about re-defining play and re-imagining learning. In collaboration with thought leaders, influencers, educators, and parents the LEGO Foundation aims to equip, inspire and activate champions for play. www.learningthroughplay.com